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Luminous Dog Collar | High Quality Chargeable Collar

$50.00 $100.00


High Quality Solar Chargeable Led Light up Pet/Dog Collar for Night Safety. 

It has many awesome features:  

  • It is 'Reflective' when not turned on.
  • It can be turned on for permanent glow
  • It can be set at Flashing
  • It can be charged with USB wire that comes with it. Or it can be charged with the sun light. It is solar chargeable.
  • It has an ABS lock on collar. Which can sustain 500-600 lbs of force. Very hard to break yet it has a quick release.
  • This does not need batteries. It is higher quality for sure.

Feature: Lights,Reflective,Padded,Quick Release
Dog Harness Type: Basic Halter Harnesses
Collar Type: Head Collars
Material: Nylon
Dog Leash Type: Basic Leashes
Colors: Blue,red,orange,yellow,green,pink,white
Size: S, M, L
Applicable: Dogs and cats
Type: solar & USB Rechargeable led collar 


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