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If You Ever Walk Your Dog At Night, You NEED To Read This

Posted on March 29 2017

We love to take our pets out for walk especially after we get off from work closer to night time or early morning. But night-time brings with it a bunch of risks that can endanger you and your dog, from predators to cars. Are you being safe?

8. Protocols to follow for safety:

1. Use a Leash. Taking your dog out at night means you are at a disadvantage. Your dog can see much better in the dark then you, so she will notice, say a rabbit hiding in a bush, that you will have no idea is there. So, while I always advocate leashed dogs, it is even more important at night when your dog could take off after something and you will lose sight of him quickly.

2. Flexi-leads. They are dangerous. At night, even more so because the lead is just so hard to see! I don’t know how many times I have seen someone walking their dog around evening-time and I think the dog is off-leash; I have even slammed on my breaks as a dog approached the edge of a sidewalk, only to realize the owner is holding a flexi-lead handle. Ugh. He could have caused an accident. He could also trip passersby who don’t see the lead either. If you must use one, don’t use it at night!

3. Don’t wear dark clothing. This should be common sense, yet I see it all the time.

(tip: wear something reflective that will tell others that you're there. Click here to see something cool for yourself)

4. Stick to lighted areas. Unfortunately, the world keeps getting scarier. You are much safer if you walk on lighted paths, sidewalks, etc.

5. Walk in Pairs. Particularly important if you live somewhere with a high crime rate (after all, we want you and your dog to be safe!). It also happens to be more enjoyable.

6. Light-up Collars. These are some of my favorites! In fact, I just bought four for my own dogs that come in fun Halloween colors – bright orange, neon green, purple and neon pink. They light-up really well, have a flashing or steady feature, and come with batteriesAND, they show up under my long-haired shelties.

7. Light-up Leash. is great, you can attach it to your old collar or harness, the bright light will make it easier to pick up after your pet and it is also visible under long-hair. 

8. Light-up Harness. This light-up Harness vest will really make sure dog visible and will definitely make it easier for you to see your pet even from few hundred feet.


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